Should you turn off the Classic Editor on WordPress

When WordPress announced they were moving to the new Gutenberg editor I was a skeptical. I tried out the beta and I wasn’t impressed. I spend most of my day in WordPress, so such a big change was a huge shock and I immediately turned the Gutenberg editor off.

When WordPress made it the only option, I like a lot of people installed the classic editor plugin so that I could keep using the old editor.

It wasn’t until I decided to setup a new blog (this one) that I chose to give Gutenberg a chance.

Here is why you should be using Gutenberg Block Editor

  • It’s the Future – The classic editor obviously isn’t going to get any new features going forward. Gutenberg is now part of WordPress. If you want to make sure your blogs will be supported in the future, then switching to the block editor is the way to go.
  • It’s great for Affiliate marketing – Being able to add newsletter subscriber forms, call to action buttons, boxed text and more is amazing for affiliate marketing. You can get these elements looking exactly how you want them, without needing to be a developer or installing a myriad of plugins…
  • You’ll need fewer plugins – Plugins slow down your site. Block plugins won’t. The way WordPress has built support for custom blocks is modern and efficient. Plugins often required weird hacks within WordPress. Fewer plugins = a faster site.

What I don’t like about Gutenberg

  • It’s Buggy – I come across situations pretty much every day where the editor doesn’t work as it should. This will get better as the editor gets more mature.
  • It’s too difficult to use – From a design and UI perspective, the editor isn’t well designed. There are also lots of UI issues. It can be really frustrating to use at times.

Making the Switch

Switching over to the new block editor takes a bit of time to get used to. But I’m so glad that I’ve started to transition over it on most of my blogs. It won’t break any of your existing content. You’ll just have a new way to edit and create content.

My advice is to stick with it. Being able to add lots of custom blocks without being a developer is huge and it’s worth the initial frustration.

What do you think of the new editor? Are you sold on blocks? Let me know in the comments.

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