Is Siteground any Good?

Wondering if you should sign up to Siteground? I’ve used a number of hosts to run my Australian WordPress sites and this is how Siteground compares to the others:

Why I choose to use Siteground for my WordPress Sites

  • Automatic WordPress Install – Even if you’re completely new to WordPress and hosting, you’ll be able to get a blog up and running. No technical skills needed. They step you through the process with a handy wizard.
  • Ultrafast PHP – WordPress runs on the PHP programming language. The newer versions of PHP are ultra fast compared to legacy versions. Most hosts don’t update the PHP version on their server. Siteground does.
  • Free SSL Certificates (essential in 2020) – Every site now needs a SSL certificate. Sitegrounds sets this up automatically for you and it’s free. If you don’t have an SSL cert, your site will show as “Insecure” in browsers and Google will penalise you.
  • Siteground Optimizer Plugin – A plugin that makes your WordPress site load super fast. Siteground touts their hosting as a faster alternative.
  • Environmentally Friendly – Siteground uses Google Cloud which is powered by 100% renewable energy. This is so important these days!
  • Just Works – I never have any issues with my sites. Siteground’s official uptime is 99.99% according to monitoring sites. Siteground takes care of backups and security and I just focus on blogging.

Is Siteground good for Australian Websites

Siteground has servers located in Australia. So if you’re blogging or running a business website from Australia, you’ll get the best possible speeds. Most of the big hosting companies don’t bother providing servers for Australians so it’s nice to see Siteground offering this option.

Siteground supports domain registrations (I prefer to run my blogs on domains for the extra SEO boost). And they also charge in $AUD, which means you won’t pay get any of those annoying international conversion fees from your bank.

Overall Siteground is a great option for Australian blogs and other websites.

Siteground for WordPress

Although you can host any sort of website on Siteground, the service has definitely been designed for WordPress.

You can install WordPress automatically, and it gets updated as well. Siteground also offers the SGOptimizer plugin for WordPress. This offers some advanced features to make your WordPress blog load super fast.

Is Siteground Better than Bluehost?

I’ve used both Bluehost and Siteground. I ended up moving my sites from Bluehost to Siteground. My blogs load a little faster on the Siteground servers and I like that I can run my blogs from Australia. Siteground has optimised their servers for WordPress. Site speed is crucial to ranking high on Google, so it just made business sense to move to a faster host.

Is Siteground Expensive?

Siteground is slightly more expensive than Bluehost. But I think it’s well worth the money. Overall I think it’s a pretty good deal to be able to get a years worth of top quality hosting for around $100. If you start paying less than that, companies will be taking shortcuts with their product and customer service. You can get a Siteground discount for your first year of hosting as well.

So is Siteground any Good?

I wouldn’t use it for my money making blogs if it didn’t perform well. It has excellent uptime and really good features for WordPress. Overall I think Siteground makes a great place to host WordPress blogs.

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