Learn how to build a money making blog

I’ve been a full-time blogger for the past few years. This is where I share my step-by-step guide.

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Getting Started (how to use this guide)

Setting Up

  • The Best Theme for Money Making Blogs
  • Should you use a local (.com.au) Domain?
  • Picking a good domain
  • The Setup I use for fast blogs (98+ google page speed)
  • The most profitable niches to blog about


  • The SEO Setup I use
  • Building backlinks without Outreach
  • Brand Building (The Google Secret)
  • How to use Internal Backlinks to make money


  • Getting your first 1000 visitors
  • Using Blog Comments for Traffic
  • Using Quora for Traffic
  • Using Pinterest for Traffic
  • Using Twitter for Traffic


  • Making money with referral codes
  • How to actually make money with an affiliate program