15+ Excellent Australian Blogs to Inspire You

Are you thinking about starting your own blog? I believe that blogging is one of the best ways to make money online. I’ve put together a list of 15+ excellent Australian blogs to help inspire you. Hopefully these blogs will give you some ideas on the type of blogs you can create.

This list was put together in 2021 with blogs that are still active and growing.

There are many more blogs from Australia that I haven’t included. Let me know in the comments which blogs I should add to this post:

Not Quite Nigella – Recipe and Lifestyle Blog

Not Quite Nigella is a popular Australian recipe and lifestyle blog run by Lorraine Elliot. This blog has a huge amount of content that has been built up over a number of years and according to the blog gets over 500k monthly visitors! The blog has a lot of fans which is evident by the number of genuine comments on each post.

Not Quite Nigella Blog Screenshot

This blog is a great example of lifestyle blogging. It’s possible to combine a love of food and travel into a successful business.

Dividends Down Under – Personal Finance Blog

I love blogs that track a journey. In this case, Dividends Down Under is recording a couple’s dividend investing journey. Sharing your own successes (or failures) is a great way to attract an audience. I know I love reading about how others are investing and I get inspired by these types of blog posts.

Dividends down Under blog screenshot

Rebecca Gawthorne – Nutrition Blog

Rebecca Gawthorne is an accredited practicing dietician. There are many blogs online that offer health advice. But very few that are written by actual experts. Google loves these types of blogs because they are looking to promote authoritative content.

Rebecca shares recipes and health and fitness tips. She has also produced a number of downloadable products. This is a great way to generate passive income beyond advertising.

Rebecca Gawthorne Blog Screenshot

If you’re a professional, starting a blog is a great way to break free from the 9-5 and generate more job opportunities and potentially a second income. This blog is a great example of just that.

OhSoBusyMum – Mummy Blog

OhSoBusyMum is a blog by Cheree Lawrence. As well as her blog that features recipes, travel and mum life articles, she runs a number of Facebook groups. Facebook Groups can be a great foundation for a work from home business. The combination of blogging + Facebook can work really well especially in this niche.

OhSoBusyMum blog screenshot

Cheree has also expanded into eCommerce and runs OhMyLunchbox an online store selling cute lunchbox supplies. Once you have an audience on Facebook or a Blog, it gives you the opportunities to expand into more businesses.

WealthDiary – Personal Finance Blog

It would be remiss of me to not include one of my own blogs in this list! WealthDiary is an Australian personal finance blog. Personal finance is my passion and I share my investing results through the blog.

WealthDiary, personal finance blog screenshot

The Champagne Mile

What if you could travel the world and still earn a living no matter where you are? Welcome to the world of travel blogging. The Champagne Mile is an Australian travel blog that has a particular focus on frequent flyers. This is a super profitable niche because these sites can promote frequent flyer credit cards.

The Champagne Mile Blog

LabMuffin – Beauty Blog

The beauty niche is one of the most popular blog categories. What I love about LabMuffin is the combination of science + beauty. It’s hard to trust Beauty reviews online so it’s refreshing to see that LabMuffin is run by Michelle a chemistry PHD and science educator. Google loves authoritative content and it’s no surprise that LabMuffin is linked to by top publications all over the world as a trusted resource.

Frugal and Thriving – Personal Finance Blog

Frugal and Thriving is an Australian personal finance blog with a focus on frugal living. This blog has a huge amount of content across many different categories. This is a great niche to blog in as there are so many different post ideas and ways to monetise content.

Frugal and Thriving is a great example of turning a life philosophy or lifestyle into a source of income.

Frugal and Thriving Blog

Lifestyle Fifty – Lifestyle Blog

Lifestyle Fifty is an Australian lifestyle blog for over 50’s Women. This blog goes to show it doesn’t matter how old you are, you can still start your own blog. This blog has been running for over 8 years and features fashion, beauty and life tips.

Lifestyle Fifty blog

FoodPornJournal – Dining Blog

FoodPornJournal is my go to resource for finding places to eat in Canberra. This blog features restaurant reviews from Canberra and other cities. While the blog doesn’t look to be monetised, it would be possible to generate some income through advertising, paid guides, or sponsored listings.

If food is your passion, why not create your own review blog!

BeanStalkMums – Mum Blogs

BeanStalkMums is one of four different mum blogs I’m featuring on this list. It’s obviously a popular niche! But makes sense – blogging is something you can do from home and in your own time. BeanStalkMums is a resource for single mums. There is a lot to the website – a blog, Facebook group, discount directory, e-course and podcast!

BeanStalkMums Blog

This blog shows that once you’ve established a site, you can expand it and create new opportunities and businesses.

MyKoreanKitchen – Recipe Blog

MyKoreanKitchen is run by Australian blogger Sue. If you’re looking for recipes for Korean Food then this is the ultimate resource. Sue has also published a recipe ebook – this is a great way to generate additional passive income. The site features an Amazon affiliate store. Amazon has been available in Australia for a number of years now, and they run a great affiliate program for bloggers.

My Korean Kitchen Blog Screenshot

Styling You – Fashion Blog

Styling You is an Australian fashion blog that was started in 2008. Nikki created a fashion blog for Women after a 20 year career in journalism. In 2019 Nikki launched a clothing label. It just goes to show how many opportunities there are in blogging! If you share quality, useful content you can grow your brand beyond blogging into so many more businesses.

CoinTools – Crypto Blog

CoinTools is an Australian crypto blog. This blog features reviews of various crypto products as well as how to guides. Crypto is a relatively new niche with huge interest. Technology is always progressing. This means there is always going to be new niches to blog about. Keep your eye out for new trends. If you manage to jump into one early you could create a huge business.

cointools crypto blog

RecipeTinEats – Recipe Blog

RecipeTinEats is one of the worlds largest food blogs. It’s run by Australian food blogger Nagi. I love this blog because it’s beautifully designed, features excellent photos and most importantly has great recipes!

Food blogs are some of the most profitable blogs online. And this is an example of one of the best food blogs out there.

PaidSurveysFanatic – Make Money Online Blog

I’ve included PaidSurveysFanatic in this list because it’s a great example of a niche site. The blog features reviews and guides about using online survey sites. Once you’ve put together a blog like this, it doesn’t need to be updated that often but it will continue to generate passive income. You just need to keep the posts updated current information.

Start Your Own Australian Blog

Hopefully these Australian blogs have inspired you to start your own website. The easiest place to start a blog is on SiteGround. It’s the platform I recommend for most people.

Let me know in the comments if you know of any other Australian blogs that should be added to this list.

P.S – This post took a long time to research and put together 😅. By the end I was quite tired so there might be spelling and grammar mistakes. If you find any please let me know. And of course if you found this article useful please share it!

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